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Police protecting the Chief Returning Officer’s office. The votes accumulated from the initial phase of the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies in the district were stored at the building. Photo: RSS Source link Related

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Four security myths


Four Societal Safety myths

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) Countless retired Americans rely on social security. Nearly half of married couples receive 50 percent or more of their income.

But there are a good deal of myths when it comes to this government application.

You understand your hard-earned cash goes towards it, but there.

One popular myth: social security will not be there for Americans. There will nonetheless be taxpayers, while experts project the social security trust fund will be depleted from 2033.

That means younger Americans must get between 75 and 80% of their benefits in line with the social security administration.

Number two: your benefits are based on your ten years of revenue. The fact is the payment is dependent on your best 35 years of income.

Another fallacy: Many people believe you will not find security in case you did not work outside your house. You can get benefits based on the earnings of your partner or ex-spouse if you’re married for at least ten years.

And our fantasy: what you put into social security is what goes into your account. The fact remains that your contributions are immediately paid out to current beneficiaries. Prospective citizens will then fund your benefits after you retire.

Another myth is that social security is designed to replace most of your income. As stated by the social security management, retirement benefits for those who have average incomes will probably replace just about 40% of their annual earnings.

Strategic Sales Engineer – Duo Security


Revenue grows Duo’s company by building relationships across different client segments rand verticals, by the Account Development Representatives who heat up leads and the Account Executives who convey our values, into the Revenue Engineers who provide specialized consulting.

Duo’s SE staff is a makeup of client centric engineers that love providing prospects and customers using an awesome experience. We’re focused on ensuring technical achievement with Duo. We work as a group to improve and strengthen our technical and sales abilities. We consider the value of making a large effect in Duo by working closely with our customers, revenue, product, technology, R&D, promotion, support and customers achievement teams.

What exactly does one day in the life of a Strategic Sales Engineer in Duo look like?

Expect to work hard and have fun. Duo’s SaaS security approach breaks the mould of the traditional revenue model permitting us to move sales cycles in a significantly higher velocity. A Strategic SE will operate with various large and high-profile prospects and customers providing solution consulting, architecting, specialized execution support and worth based demos of all Duo. We associate with all our Strategic Account Executives to know and align with our customers’ needs, supporting technical validation for Duo’s solution and digging Proof-of-Concepts depending upon mutually agreed upon achievement standards. We’re extremely responsive and available to make sure our prospects and customers have an awesome experience with Duo.

Before applying to this situation, you must sign-up for Duo and attempt the item for yourself. We challenge you to set up RDP or even SSH in under 10 minutes. Experience why Duo’s customers are so passionate about us that we’ve been called the “The Many Loved Company in Security”

  • Ability to match client needs with the worth of Duo’s Trusted Access Vision
  • Provide value-based solution demos
  • Ranking Duo against rival options
  • Love handling prospect objections
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Work as a team with your assigned Strategic Account Executives, additional Revenue Builders and exemptions
  • 7+ years experience selling software and security options in a specialized capability to large business customers
  • Experience closing $1M+ applications or SaaS deals
  • Outstanding track record of achievement over-achieving against quota
  • Proven experience running deals via a structured and repeatable sales methodology
  • Proven experience navigating highly sophisticated sales and specialized associations
  • Proven track record of building relationships with key client contacts and partners
  • Have strong leadership abilities – inter-departmental soft-skills
  • Intense comfort getting into and sitting in the executive table

Network Engineering Experience

  • Extensive IP network troubleshooting abilities including active working knowledge of commands and tools such as ping, traceroute, nslookup and wireshark.
  • Remote Access / VPN configuration on alternatives such as Cisco, Pulse, Citrix, F5, PAN, etc
  • Able to quickly diagnose network and ACL configuration issues
  • Strong knowledge and Comprehension of conventional authentication protocols such as SAML, Radius and LDAP

Systems Engineering Experience

  • Strong knowledge of Windows Server and various roles like Active Directory, ADFS, RDS, and more
  • Experience configuring Microsoft Exchange
  • Experience and knowledge of Office 365 / Azure AD
  • Experience and knowledge about SAML and SSO
  • Knowledgeable with Identity/Access Management and authentication security
  • Experience in Unix and Linux environments, especially with SSH and PAM.

Excited? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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115 E. 5th St., Austin, TX 78701

115 E. 5th St., Austin, TX 78701

Duo Security

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IoT Endpoint Security Standards Emerging


Do you require security standards which can be employed to appraise or design IoT Endpoints?
Answers are coming!

There is an often repeated story arc which security, threat, audit and business standards proceed believed in their ancient development.This  occurs in a natural way responding to market forces. Once demand for advice reaches a critical mass  someone   takes the initial step and puts steaks in the ground. This  puts forward an “best attempt” to fulfill the advice (perceived or real), and relieves the pressure to “get it right” that borrows parties from  rapid actions.   There is reputational threat and heavy lifting that’s accepted by early movers, but once a plausible attempt is made it unlocks barriers to participation and advancement. In effect that enables a transition to broad discussion and sequential refinement. Operating system hardening, PCI/PHI protection and cloud security all followed a similar narrative arc in their early days.

Here in late 2017 this trigger point was attained for IoT Endpoint security.

Back in July of 2017, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) started publishing the UL 2900 collection “Software Cybersecurity for both Network-Connectable Products” and which was extended with nutritional supplements such as biomedical, industrial control and life safety systems. That is resulting in several of collaborative efforts such as partnerships with ANSI, other standards bodies and business.

This isn’t to say that these groups were waiting for someone to act. Many company have been working on IoT Endpoint security standards for quite some time, but after somebody publishes these efforts change. This change results in throughout the board increases in efficacy and an improvement in progress for all parties.

If you need to design or assess IoT Endpoint or Gateway security, the key takeaways are:

  • Credible (and testable) IoT Endpoint security standards are available now.
  • 2018 will  observe several complimentary standards printed across geopolitical and industry boundaries.
  • Organizations must expect providers to know about these these   standards, and equipped to talk compliance (or openings).

As always, please discuss comments, insights and further information below.

Here are some sources:

  • UL 2900 Standards Process  and UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program


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NAIC Model Law Data Security


National Association of Insurance Commissioners Adopts Insurance Data Security Model Law

OnOctober 24, 2017, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) adopted the Insurance Data Security Model Law. The NAIC is the U.S. standards-setting and regulatory support organization created and regulated by the insurance regulators of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. lands. The Model Law seeks to regulate the information security and standards of insurers, insurance agents and brokers, and other entities controlled by state insurance departments. Since the Model Law is intended to serve as model laws simply, states will have to reevaluate it in legislation in order for it to become mandatory and discriminated against insurance licensees.

Key Elements of this Model Law include requirements for:

  • Implementation of a comprehensive written information security program based on ongoing risk assessments

  • Oversight of this information security application from the board of directors

  • Oversight of third-party support provider arrangements

  • Establishment of an incident response plan

  • Annual certificate of compliance with state insurance departments

  • Investigation and notification of cybersecurity occasions, including a 72-hour regulatory notification deadline, specific information necessary in regulatory notifications along with also a requirement for reinsurers to inform carriers.

The Model Law closely tracks the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Cybersecurity Legislation 23 NYCRR Part 500. NYDFS Superintendent Maria Vullo confirmed she and her team worked closely together with the NAIC in its development of this Model Law. In a Drafting Notice specifying the Goal and Goal of this Model Law, the drafters explicitly state that compliance with all the NYDFS Legislation is currently compliance with the Model Law.

The NAIC’s Model Law demonstrates the greater adoption of this NYDFS’s strategy to information security and standards. Although the Model Law is significantly more rigorous than many existing state legislation, it may pave the way for much more uniform, and therefore more predictable, state-by-state data security and regulatory breach notification laws and standards applicable to insurers and other regulated insurance issues.

Security Protector gipusil patay | SunStar


Less than
1 Moment

Security Shield gipusil patay

Friday, October 06, 2017

TACLOBAN CITY – Patay ang usa ka safety shield sa usa ka pawnshop individual gipusil sa wa mailhing responsable.

Giila ang biktima nga si Agustin Ranalan, anaa sa hustong edad, ulitawo, taga Cavite East, Palo, lalawigan sa Leyte ug security shield sa Palawan Panwshop.

Nag-duty ang biktima nga si Ranalan atol sa pagpamusil diin nakaangkon kini og tulo ka samad pinusilan nga miresulta sa iyang hinanali nga kamatayon.

Misibat gilayon ang gunman individual sa insidente sakay sa usa ka p pasaheroang multicab.

Padayon nga giimbestigar sa kapulisan ang motibo sa pagpamusil. (JKDP)

Gipatik sa mantalaang Superbalita Cebu Oktubre 07, 2017.

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Safety guard gunned down


Trinidad: Murder No. 9 — Security guard gunned down

From Trinidad Express

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — A COUVA guy was shot dead, and two others injured in Couva on Tuesday night.

The deceased was known as Anton Alleyne, 23, known as “Young Salick”, a security guard, of Powdharrie Road, Preysal.

Tarick King, 24, along with Akira Charles, 21, both of June Street, Couva, also sustained gunshot wounds.

At around 8.10 p.m. Alleyne, both Charles and King and other men were standing around the Street at Lisas Boulevard, Couva, in the Area of Sabelles Lunch and Breakfast outlet when a Nissan Tiida pulled alongside them.

Three men emerged out of the car and opened fire.

The shooters retuned into the car and sped away.

Alleyne died at the scene. Charles and King were taken into hospital.

Officers of this Couva CID and Homicide Region III responded.

Police suspect the killings were gang-related.

The killing took the homicide toll to eight, according to a Express tally.

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