Hackers & National Security


US President-elect Donald Trump would be wise to bolster all systems against hackers.

US President-elect Donald Trump will be sensible to bolster all of the systems. DOMINICK REUTER/AFP/Getty Images

Hacking. It’s on everybody’s mind. Was it the Russians? Was it WikiLeaks? Are they in cahoots? And, most importantly, did hacking influence  the outcomes of the U.S. presidential election?

On January 15, Anonymous, the loosely-connected hacker community that goes from , sent a warning to Donald Trump. At the time, Trump himself was doing exactly what he does so powerfully. But maybe not about hacking that was Russian–he was talking about Crimea mobsters, Ukraine and Syria.

Even the now-deleted Anonymous tweet read: “This isn’t the 80’s no more, information doesn’t vanish, it’s all on the market. You will regret the subsequent 4 decades.”

This is not the first time that Trump over Twitter has threatened. During the campaign, they told him they had specifics of material that was embarrassing that, when divulged, would damage him. No material arose, but a few Trump websites, did flooding with so many emails that they’d crashed.

Bringing down a website is a rudimentary and really simple attack. It’s among the easiest approaches both to launch and defend. It’s referred to Distributed Denial of Service, as a DDOS or, most often Denial of Service. In the end, DDOS   is a slight inconvenience for the server.

Anonymous is a group of attackers. On Holocaust Day, Israel is attacked by them. They have attacked various countries’ national websites and other terror groups, as well as ISIS.

On New Years day 2017 murdered the Bilderberg Group. Bilderberg is a group of about 150 leaders from business, government, media and finance that convenes at a summit.

Anonymous abandoned them an ultimatum: “Dear Bilderberg members, from today, each one of you has just one year (365 times) to genuinely function in favor of people and not your private interests. Each subject you work or discuss you achieve throughout your uber private meetings should from now benefit world population and not X or Y group of people differently, we’ll find you and we’ll hack you.”

These hackers are a hassle that needs to be taken seriously, as to unprotected systems, their harm can be dangerous. Take, for example, the hack that broke Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta. It was sophisticated. Podesta left himself open–‘ P@ssw0rd ‘could have cracked.

And the code that was used to hack the DNC was comparable, if not equal, to codes that were used in additional dedicated hacks. This shows the report writers’ ignorance. Access codes that are hacking that are similar are anywhere. What’s more, very good hacking codes are utilized by thousands and updated ones all the time.

The report clearly states that the hacking was traced to Russia. But, every cookie worthy of the name–even teens–ghost their location. It’s a simple   to “dip” your position around the world. Some of these bouncing programs are great, some are very great, and many are free or very affordable.

At this stage, we need to differentiate between real dangers, kids and attacks that are annoyance. We need to defend ourselves and we need to strengthen our systems.

Yes, Russia is engaged hacking that was very sophisticated. So is China, Germany, Iran, and every other nation, including the United States of America.

Theirs is being hacked into by the best defense against people attempting to hack your own body. The greater that the hack, the harder it is to detect. In terms of Anonymous’ tweet to Donald Trump, the hackers simply strutted their material. Any type that calls itself Anonymous craves a little of the limelight.

Micah Halpern is a political and foreign affairs commentator, author the “The Micah Report,” on the internet and host of the weekly TV show “Thinking Out Loud w Micah Halpern.” Follow him on Twitter: @MicahHalpern