Canarys smart security camera now works with Apple TV

Security camera company Canary has today addressed one of the few complaints customers had with its product: there wasnt an easy way to watch your cameras feed on your TVs big screen. That has now changed with the launch of a new version of the Canary app, which adds support for Apple TV. This lets you view the live stream from your camera on your television, as well aswatch the recordings saved to your timeline.

The addition makes Canary far more useful, as it hadbefore focused on bringing its remote viewing capabilities to users smartphones. Of course, thatshelpful for when youre away from the house, or in another room. But many people want to more passively track their cameras feed at times like when youre keeping an eye on the kids playing in the yard, or when youre having a party and you want to see whos parking out front, for example.


For those with a single Canary device, the new Apple TV app will launch straight to the Dashboard view. Here, you can choose to watch the cameras feed live or access your timeline. For those with multiple devices, the app will allow you use the Location view to move between different locations.

To view a specific event, you just click on the thumbnail image. You can also tap the Apple TV menu button to view a single entry, then bookmark or delete the event from your timeline by selecting the appropriate button.

A Related Videos section underneath each event will take you to the next or previous event in the timeline.


Canary, for those unfamiliar, makes an affordable $199 security camera for use in the home, and it recently debuted its untethered counterpart for outdoor use, called Canary Flex.After initially getting its start onIndiegogo, the companyraised over $41 million in venture funding. Its devices are now sold byAmazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, Apple, and Verizon, in addition to its own website.

The appeal for the device is a combination of price and ease-of-use. Its not difficult to set up, and even easier to use on an everyday basis thanks to its simply designed mobile application.

Along with the launch of its Apple TV app, the new Canary app (v2.0.2) will also support tablets, including both Android and iPad, as well as Android Wear.


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