Security agencies efforts praised


Manama, Mar. 4 (BNA): Information Affairs Minister Ali bin Mohammed Al Romaihi has shown the Kingdom of Bahrain was effective at defeating terrorism and eliminating its intellectual, financial and organizational roots, deterring Iran’s interferences at Bahrain’s internal affairs because of the vigilance and efficiency of its security agencies and its fully integrated legal program, the solidarity of its brethren as a piece of the Arab and worldwide warfare on the forces of evil, extremism and enemies of all humanity.
Al Romaihi commended the security bureaus dismantling yesterday of a terrorist organization endorsed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard financially, organizationally and logistically; and, even arrested 116 of its own terrorist elements as part of the prosperous quantum strikes against Iran’s terrorist organisations as well as its militias from the Arab area, including Asayeb Ahl Alhaq terrorist brigades from Iraq and Hezbollah terrorist organisation in Lebanon, and thwart their terrorist plots against the Kingdom’s stability and security, its crucial oil and economic installations and the security of its citizens and residents.

The ministry affirmed that Bahrain won’t stand ‘handcuffed’ vis-à-vis the efforts by Iran and its terrorist vassals to threaten Arabian Gulf security and Bahrain. He affirmed that the security agencies will carry on the processes to apprehend outlaws, dismantle terrorist figures, speech the Interpol to reevaluate the arrest of runaway terrorist teams leaders who had been in charge of recruiting, harbouring and training terrorist elements supplying them with funds, weapons and gear in their devilish plots to target innocents and perpetrate acts of killing, destruction and sabotage.

The minister urged the worldwide community to maintain its own responsibilities from obliging Iran to respect global heritage, the principles of good neighborliness and worldwide conventions by halting its aggressive meddling in Bahrain’s domestic affairs and the affairs of the Arab area, to hold Iran accountable for partaking in establishment of terrorist groups, financially backed them and harbored terrorist elements, smuggling firearms and explosives and broadcasting cheering and provocative social and societal discourse. He commended the plan declared to undertake Iran the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism, including sanctions against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to curtail its coverage of supporting extremism, spreading chaos and exporting terrorism.

The Union stressed that Iran’s continuous threatening of regional and international security and peace, blatant breach of international laws and laws must not be dismissed and need the collective Arab and global decisive stance against terrorism and nations and also outlawed groups that finance terrorism, and boost the security coordination and exchange of information, cooperation to arrest those wanted by the security and also to hand them over to justice, and rid the world from their evils and criminal people.