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One of the lesser known but still important responsibilities that non-EU-based organizations face under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is found in Article 27, that is labeled’Agents of controls or processors not based in the Union.’ To be certain, we are not talking about the American civil war here — organizations that are governed by the GDPR, however, which are established outside of the EU,” must formally appoint a representative in the European Union to reflect them on data protection issues.

In this article, you will discover a link into VeraSafe’s GDPR Article 27 Representative Agreement Template that your company can use to assist reconstruct its EU representative.

Do Corporate Groups Will Need to Appoint a Representative for Every Group Company?

The answer is’yes’. Even if your multinational group of firms has a parent or subsidiary at the EU, your non-EU group firms still will have to formally appoint an agent in the EU.

Your EU office might function as Article 27 representative for your group’s non-EU companies, but only in case the EU entity fulfills the basic standards laid down in the law, namely that the agent is”based in one of the Member States in which the data areas, whose personal data are processed in regard to the offering of products or services to themor whose behavior is monitored, are.” In other words, your Article 27 representative has to be found in one of the Member States of the EU where your data subjects are , or in which you sell or offer your services or products. You’ll also want to be sure that your EU representative has a sophisticated understanding of EU data protection legislation. With these variables in mind, a small subsidiary in the EU isn’t necessarily an option, let alone an ideal match for this duty.

How Does a Non-EU Organization Appoint VeraSafe because its Representative in the EU?

VeraSafe’s Article 27 Representative Program enables organizations located outside of the EU to market VeraSafe because their agent in the EU on data protection issues. VeraSafe currently offers our representative service in two quite business-friendly authorities: Ireland and the Czech Republic.

Even if your corporate team has a professional in the EU, VeraSafe’s Article 27 Representative Program could nevertheless be a great choice for your company. EU data protection authorities expect that your agent will have the ability to engage in effective and informed dialogue regarding the data security application of your organization. VeraSafe’s in-house team of EU and also U.S. attorneys, data security advisers, and IT security specialists are well equipped to interface with regulators on your behalf.

To learn more about VeraSafe’s Article 27 Representative Program, contact us today, or visit this page: https://www.verasafe.com/privacy-services/gdpr-article-27-representative-service/

VeraSafe’s GDPR Article 27 Representative Agreement Template

If your company describes a corporate subsidiary, parent, spouse, or affiliate which can represent the group’s non-EU firms on data security issues, you will need to create this appointment formally, in writing. Oftentimes, the EU agent will have to be effectively shielded from the civil accountability that this agent position may entail. You’ll also want to tackle other significant contractual issues. To assist VeraSafe’s professional services clients accomplish these objectives, VeraSafe has developed a GDPR Article 27 Representative Agreement Template — and now you can get this template for free. Your company is invited to examine its vulnerability to Article 27 of their GDPR and think about using VeraSafe’s GDPR Article 27 Representative Agreement Template as a starting point.

Want a GDPR Professional?

VeraSafe’s strength lies in the junction of law enforcement and IT. Two skillsets not traditionally found under exactly the same roof, VeraSafe’s team unites European and American data protection attorneys, solitude professionals, and IT security specialists. VeraSafe is devoted to supplying industry-leading privacy and security information that matches with the budget, risk tolerance, and needs of every client we serve.

With its attention on European solitude and cybersecurity legislation, VeraSafe provides a complete solution for your company’s compliance with the GDPR. VeraSafe can help you with identifying the precise extent of this GDPR’s applicability to your company and provide expert help to operationalize your complicated obligations under the law.