Trump doctrine: Economic security is national security


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WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump announced a new national security plan on Monday, echoing the concept of his 2016 effort as he announced “America is at the game and America is going to win”

At a speech at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Trump faulted previous U.S. leaders for failing to Consider the nation’s taxpayers. He promised to search openings to cooperate with rivals, but added “we’ll stand up for ourselves and we’ll stand up for our country like we’ve never awakened ahead.”

Trump’s plan envisions nations in continuous rivalry, brushes apart Obama-era warnings on climate change also affirms the United States will proactively defend its sovereignty, even if that means risking present the agreements with other countries which have been a vital part of the United States’ foreign policy as the Cold War.

Revisiting a lot of his campaign themes the president argued that he’s seen improvements since taking office, pointing into the market’s solid performance, his withdrawal in the Trans-Pacific Partnership on trade and his aim to depart the Paris climate accord.

“America is coming back and coming back strong,” he explained.

The plan from the Republican president might radically change U.S. international relationships if fully executed. It focuses on four major themes: protecting the tradition, promoting American prosperity, demonstrating peace through strength and advancing American influence within an ever-competitive entire world.

Trump’s doctrine holds that nation-states are at perpetual competition and the U.S. have to struggle on all fronts to safeguard and defend its sovereignty from friend and foe alike. While the government often says that “America First” doesn’t mean “America Alone,” the national security plan makes clear the United States will stand up for itself at the price of alienating allies.

The last national plan document, prepared by President Barack Obama at 2015, announced climate change that an “urgent and growing threat to our national safety.” The Trump plan eliminates that determination – following the administration’s threat to pull out of the Paris climate accord. The plan sets a aim of being an “energy-dominant nation” but does state that the United States “recognizes the value of environmental stewardship.”

In his comments, Trump emphasized his “serious plan to safeguard our homeland.” He called anew for building of a boundary with Mexico, pledged to end “chain migration” of immigrants’ relatives and to close “loopholes which undermine enforcement” of immigration constraints.

The plan emphasizes that U.S. economic security is national security. In his opinions, Trump called for “company action against unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft”

The plan details the threats of “rogue regimes,” like North Korea. It says China and Russia “battle American power, influence, and pursuits, attempting to hamper American prosperity and security.”

Despite international challenges, the record discusses emerging opportunities to advance American interests in the Middle East. “Some of our partners are working together to deny extreme ideologies, and key leaders are calling for a rejection of Islamist extremism and violence,” it says. “Encouraging political stability and sustainable prosperity would lead to dampening the conditions that gas sectarian grievances.”

The plan document maintains that “for generations that the battle between Israel and the Palestinians has been known as the prime irritant preventing peace and prosperity in the area. These days, the threats from radical jihadist terrorist associations and the danger in Iran are generating the realization that Israel is not the cause of the area’s problems. States have increasingly found common interests with Israel in facing common threats.”

Trump didn’t talk Russian infantry in the 2016 election throughout his opinions, though the record also notes “actors such as Russia are using information tools in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of democracies.”

He noted during his opinions which Russian President Vladimir Putin called him over the weekend to thank the CIA for help in stopping a horror plot in St. Petersburg.

“They were able to apprehend these terrorists before the event with no lack of life and that is a great thing and how it is supposed to work,” said Trump.

He added: “Our opponents are demanding, they are stubborn and committed to the long term, however so are we”

Associated Press writers Matthew Lee and Zeke Miller contributed to this report.

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