3 Signs You Are Watching A Great Summer Camp Film

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If you are a huge movie buff, it should be clear to you how important a great summer camp film is. With that said, many of the ones that are made these days are not as great as one would hope. Once you start watching, look out for these telltale signs you have found a winner.

The presence of an equal number of boys and girls is one key to a great summer camp film. The battle of the sexes is one of those things that are always good for a few laughs. If the whole screen is filled with giggling girls or beefy testosterone filled brutes, things will not be the same at all. When looking at the credits, take note of the gender of the people whose names are in the credits.

There has to be a campfire at some point in the first 30 minutes. Whether this is because someone is fighting to start one with a hilarious outcome or there are going to be a few spooky stories told around the embers, this us absolutely necessary. It doesn’t matter if the movie is supposed to be comedy, horror or some other genre, it should be there.

Goofy looking adults are a good way to tell if you are in for a real cinematic treat. Look at films like “Ernest Goes To Camp.” This is a classic and the main character looks like something straight out of a comic book. You are in for quite a few chuckles if you can laugh at the adults just by looking at them.

With all of the terrible movies that are made these days, it can be hard to find a gem. If you want to find a good summer camp movie then contact with youngfilmacademy.co.uk and make sure that it offers all of these elements.